Our Menus

Crab and Lentil Shorba

A dollop of spiced crab claw meat, topped with a rich, mustard-infused lentil soup.


Cold salad mélange of coconut, lettuce, cucumber and chestnut. Spiced with green chilies and served in a dry ice coconut shell.

Avocado Papdi Chaat

Avocado guacamole, tossed with sweet and spicy chutneys and marinated cherry tomatoes, and served in flour roll cones. Perfect for sharing.

Tawa Scallops

Pan-seared, spiced king scallops, served with saffron scented tandoori cauliflower purée and topped with cauliflower fritters.

Tandoori Jheenga

Tiger prawns scented with carom seed and char-grilled in a tandoori oven. Served with mint and coriander chutney.

Chaamp Taajdar

New Zealand lamb chops, braised and char-grilled in a clay oven. Served with a mix of roasted vegetables and saffron chutney.

Veg Kebab Platter

An assortment of signature vegetarian kebabs, including paneer, stuffed mushroom, broccoli, and beetroot gallette.

Karavali Lobster

Canadian lobster, cooked in a spicy, chutney-style Indian coastal sauce and served in the shell. Sided with button mushrooms and spring onions.

Kadhai Jheenga

An authentic dish combining prawns tossed in crushed coriander and red chili with bell peppers, served in a coarse onion and tomato gravy.

Chicken Biryani

A mix of basmati rice and chicken, slow-cooked with the fragrance of green cardamom, mace, and rose water. Served under a flaky pastry cover.

Tandoor Pineapple

Sweet, baby pineapple, marinated in a tamarind spiced chutney and char-grilled. Served with a saffron and fennel sorbet.

Paneer Jalebi

Crispy, fried fresh cottage cheese strips, soaked in saffron scented sugar syrup and served with rabri (condensed milk sauce).